Original Large Painting White Moon flower Garden done in teals and blue watercolor, glow in the dark, shimmer on canvas


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    White Moon Flower Garden
    48 x 24 x 1 1/2 Painting on Canvas
    watercolor, teal shimmer, glow in the dark

    I LOVE this painting! Moon Flowers are these huge white flowers that open in the evening. They start off looking like a star as they open. The colors in this painting are blues - teals. I used a shimmer/shift paint for some of the more teal areas. It kind of changes color as the light hits it. A hidden touch of glow in the dark around the edges of the white flower give this beauty a surprise when the lights are off.

    I can show you how this would look on YOUR wall digitally. Just send me a pic. The colors are hard to show with a camera lens. I have video that shows the color more accurately if you are looking for specific blues.

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