Coffee and Watercolor Large Original Painting - Fresian Black Stallion - Horse, Equine, Plum, Forest


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    Black Fresian Stallion
    48 x 60 x 1 1/2 Painting on Canvas
    watercolor, coffee & black lined acrylic

    This is Albert. He is Fresian Stallion in Champaign, Illinois at http://myblackmagicfriesian.com/ - the image was inspired by a photo by Hannah at www.maneeventpromotions.com
    So Albert is like the perfect model of insanely beautiful horses. Check out his pics on the websites...just magical!!

    In this painting, I wanted to show the scope and magnitude of nature. The trees are vertical glow in the dark painted lines in a Cathedral like motion. The coffee is layered and layered and gives a depth...almost like clouds or mountains. So much spirit in this stallion. So much spirit in the woods.

    Hope you love it as much as I do!

    I can show you how this would look on YOUR wall digitally. Just send me a pic.

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