Custom Watercolor Portrait Painting - Steam Punk Your Pet! Commissioned Watercolor Artwork of your pet!


Let's Steam Punk Your Pet!

Watercolor Original Painting of your Pet!
Choose your Size!
5 x 7 - $75
8 x 10 - $150
12 x 12 - $200
11 x 14 - $250
16 x 20 - $450
24 x 36 - $650

Choose from watercolor paper (smaller sizes) or Watercolor Canvas (all sizes).
I stretch my own canvas...any size is possible!

I work from images supplied by you. We will discuss PERSONALITY, STYLE, ATTITUDE, What Character would he be in a Western Movie? Any special Accessories you desire?

I paint the edges of the canvas and work on 3/4" to 1 1 /2" thick cotton canvas for easy hanging.
I will ship to US only for free..... International, contact me directly to discuss options.

This is a WATERCOLOR painting on canvas (or paper). Please allow 2-4 weeks to finish. Hand drawn, Hand painted. Not one of those computer generated, faux paintings from China. I am a real, working artist! I started painting when I was super young & this is what I do for a living.

Find me on facebook to see some of my newer paintings & check out my gallery and studio in White Oaks Mall, Springfield Illinois

Thanks so much! Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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